64-bit windows VMware detection



I am trying to develop an application which detects if program is running inside a virtual machine.

For 32-bit Windows, there are already methods explained in the following link:

I am trying to adapt the code regarding Virtual PC and VMware detection in an 64-bit Windows operating system. For VMware, the code can detect successfully in an Windows XP 64-bit OS. But the program crashes when I run it in a native system (Windows 7 64-bit OS).

I put the code in an .asm file and define custom build step with ml64.exe file. The asm code for 64-bit Windows is:

IsInsideVM proc

      push   rdx
      push   rcx
      push   rbx

      mov    rax, 'VMXh'
      mov    rbx, 0     ; any value but not the MAGIC VALUE
      mov    rcx, 10    ; get VMWare version
      mov    rdx, 'VX'  ; port number

      in     rax, dx    ; read port
                        ; on return EAX returns the VERSION
      cmp    rbx, 'VMXh'; is it a reply from VMWare?
      setz   al         ; set return value
      movzx rax,al

      pop    rbx
      pop    rcx
      pop    rdx

IsInsideVM endp

I call this part in a cpp file like:

returnValue = IsInsideVM();
    returnValue = false;

Thanks in advance.






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