Example PHPUnit Test on Laravel 5.4 fails with 404



I can my project on Laravel 5.4 from link: localhost:8888/streaming_statistic/public

I have a test:


namespace TestsFeature;

use TestsTestCase;
use IlluminateFoundationTestingWithoutMiddleware;
use IlluminateFoundationTestingDatabaseMigrations;
use IlluminateFoundationTestingDatabaseTransactions;

class ApiTest extends TestCase
    public function testBasicTest()
        $response = $this->get('/');


I run all tests with command


But result is:

PHPUnit 5.7.13 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors.

F                                                                   1 / 1 (100%)

Time: 222 ms, Memory: 12.25MB

There was 1 failure:

1) TestsFeatureApiTest::testBasicTest
Expected status code 200 but received 404.
Failed asserting that false is true.


Tests: 1, Assertions: 1, Failures: 1.

I can open this page http://localhost:8888/streaming_statistic/public/
I have an route:

Route::get('/', function () {
    return view('welcome');

What i am doing wrong?
And what the right way to write tests for controller methods in laravel? May be the HTTP tests it not the best solution for them?





for tests this env variable was wrong…


I changed root web server directory to streaming_statistic/public and env to


After that i got:

OK (1 test, 1 assertion)


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