how Eclipse Preference store persistance



I have a multiple user/location RCP application that currently utilizes several user configurable options. Some preferences are for specific to the station, some are specific to the user.

The options are from a preference store which saves the *.prefs files to “workspace.metadata.pluginsorg.eclipse.core.runtime.settings”.

This would be fine if we were only using a single machine/user. But if a user were to go to another station, then the user would be using whatever preferences were setup for that station.

Is it possible to specify another form for persistence (not files)?





It sounds like you need to store your preferences at a central location that all users/machines can reach. This means you have to implement your own IPersistentPreferencesStore. Then you can override org.eclipse.jface.preference.PreferencePage#doGetPreferenceStore() to use it.

The bigger question is how to implement that central preferences store, but that depends on the technologies you are using. In general, if your project uses a central server, you probably should store your preferences there. For example, if your project already uses a relational database, one solution would be to create appropriate database tables and implement IPersistentPreferencesStore to access those tables via JDBC.


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