how How To Work With Two Different BitBucket Accounts In SourceTree



I have two different bitbucket accounts set up. One is for work projects and one is for personal use. In BitBucket I have set up a repository in each of the accounts for different projects.

In SourceTree I have a few existing personal projects that are syncing up to my personal repository on SourceTree. In the left hand panel I can see my “Develop” branch for one of those personal projects and on the remote in BitBucket I can see the remote repo.

In SourceTree I don’t see an obvious way to keep my two accounts separate. For example, I have added the work repo in SourceTree but when I try to commit an initial version of a work project it only gives me the option to commit my personal project branch.

How can I now add my work repo locally and sync only those work projects into repos on that work BitBucket account?






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