is google maps api V3 requires key?



I developed one website in google maps api V2, now management is saying V2 is deprecated and convert in to V3. While googling the V3 i didn’t see any api key? then how it works?


and how to convert from V2 to V3? should i develop it from scratch onwards?





Google maps api v3 doesn’t need a key like v2. You are encouraged to use v3 because of the support for devices like iphone and android.

Googe maps api v3 has been implemented using modified MVC framework. .

Any state changes of an MVC object (such as a map) for example, are
handled through setters and getters of a particular format. As well,
all state of the MVC objects are stored as properties of that object,
and all observation of state changes through event handlers is of a
particular format as well.

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