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I have the following problem with MongoDB. I got some geo data from my home country and i have to store them into mongodb to set up a simple Web Feature Service. This service will mostly do bounding box queries using the $within operator. The data is in GeoJSON format. Therefore i imported at first the Villages and Cities which are represented as points ([1,2]) in this format. No problem. Next step rivers and streets which are LineStrings and according to GeoJSON represented this way [[1,2],[3,4]]. But when importing the districts (which are in fact polygon and according to the GeoJSON specification 3 dim arrrays) i got the error geo values have to be numbers when creating the index.

db.collection.ensureIndex({"geometry.coordinates" : "2d"});

All data are valid GeoJSON, and are in plain 2d coordinates in EPSG:4326 projection.

Does anybody have an idea?





It seems that mongo 2.3.2 development release now has GeoJSON support:
Release Notes for MongoDB 2.4


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