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I am having tons of trouble with this issue. I’m taking a WordPress course, and I’m on the final part… moving it from my localhost to a live server.

After doing so, however, my background images do not appear. At first, my whole media library was broken, but I was able to fix that. I can’t seem to figure out the issue with the background images though.

I’ve been scouring multiple forums looking for an answer before posting here… but I can’t seem to find it, or understand it, so I thought I’d ask for help regarding my specific situation.

Here is a link to the current, live WordPress site:

And here is a link to the static site, so you can see what background images are missing:

Thanks in advance for any help!





Check your style.css on /themes/bootsrap2wordpress/style.css

find /wp-content/themes/bootsrap2wordpress/assets/img/
there and replace all with


Your problem will be solved .

full css


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