WPF DataBinding watch for thrown exceptions



In my model I have lots of properties for different objects and I’m checking the value while setting value for object and if the value is not accepted I will throw an exception this was working perfect with windows forms propertygrid but now I’m trying to design a new interface using WPF .
in WPF when I bound a property to a control like textbox ,when the value is changed I don’t know how to handle the exception and show the error message .
example :

public string  ConnectionString
                return (_ConnectionString);
                    _ConnectionString  = value ;
                    _SqlConnection = new System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection(_ConnectionString);
                    _ConnectionTested = true;
                catch (Exception caught)
                    _ConnectionTested = false;
                    _TableNameTested = false;
                    _FieldNameTested = false;
                    _ConditionTested = false;
                    _ConnectionString = "";
                    //----delete values----
                    throw (new Exception("Can not Open the connection String nReason : " + caught.Message )); 

and the wpf part is like :

<TextBox TextWrapping="Wrap" x:Name="ConnectionStringTextBox" Text="{Binding Path=ConnectionString, Mode=TwoWay}"/>

is there anyway when the value in textbox is changed check if the model has thrown an exception and then show the exception.message to user ?






Take a look at binding validation. The Binding class has a ValidationRules collection, to which you can add an ExceptionValidationRule.


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